Music and Video by William Harper - "Agnus Dei" by William Harper performed by the Riga Dome Boys Choir under the Direction of Gudmundur Emilsson.

Toa - Forlana Italdred Records Video: William Harper 2014

Polaris experiment

Foundling - William Harper

Harper’s new album is an electroacoustic triptych; three suites of ambitious, sweeping music in which banjos, children’s song, choirs and rock guitars are hacked about and reassembled. His operatic experimentalism is highly accessible, founded on a thigh-slapping, homespun yet romantic perversity…Surrender to his vision and you’ll be transported on his rhythmic momentum through cinematic landscapes while girls sing of marriage and choirs pound our chords like Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. Clive Bell, The Wire CD available from iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon